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The popularity of Pepper Pace and Kim Chambers; a Q&A

I found a new fan. Not of Pepper Pace but of Kim Chambers! Who is she, you might ask? 

Let me explain. Many years ago I used to be involved in multi-player role playing groups on a site called IMVU. I had an avatar and I chatted on line, joined groups and wrote stories. My online name was Pepper and later when I branched out to other online communities it stuck with me.

Well, I discovered and developed a following. I was able to satisfy my love of multicultural and interracial romance and to share some of my own IR stories. When I became popular and as I listened to feedback I decided that I would keep the name ‘Pepper Pace’ for all of my interracial stories—whether they be romance, erotica, paranormal etc.

But that is not all I write.

I wrote a youth novel entitled The Purple World under my true name. It didn’t go far but I didn’t market it or attempt to make it appealing to my readers. I wrote for my daughter and published it at her request so that she could do her senior paper on the book. Then I pretty much forgot about it.

Well yesterday I got a Facebook message from a friend of my sister’s asking where she could find the next part of the trilogy as her son was bugging her to get it for him. I explained that the next part had not been published and she explained that her son was a huge fan of my story and of me! Wow… As a matter of fact she explained that I was among the top three of his favorite writers (I even beat out Percy Jackson).

I was thrilled when he began asking me questions about the book and I promised to set up an interview with him in the very near future and to make sure that he gets the next part of the book one way or another. Then I sent an autographed copy to my sister to take to him.


No. I answer to that name pretty readily but I see Pepper Pace as a product and not me. How can I be Pepper Pace when I get online and I have fans and followers and people wanting to talk to me, but then I go to work and no one even knows (or cares, for that matter that I am a fairly popular writer). 

I do have some fans at work that actually read my stories but for the most part not even my family really reads them. No, I don’t get a big head, that is for sure! As a matter of fact I was showing one of my paper back books to my daughter and she was reading the ‘Awards’ section. She scowled at me and said, “Gosh Mom, you’re bragging!”. My eyes got wide and I was horrified that I might come off like a braggart. LOL, but my Mom assured me that there is nothing wrong about listing your awards under the ‘Awards’ section of your book…as long as you don’t also walk around talking about it all the time.

Nah…far from the big head. I saw a good friend at work and I hadn’t seen her since becoming self published. I grinned shyly to myself and said, “You know I’m a writer now.” She seemed excited and I gave her my pen name and explained that she could look me up on and Barnes and Nobles. Later she texted me very excited and explained that her sisters had already been reading my books and already had most of them. They now wanted to meet me and get autographs.

I know how I get when I talk to my favorite authors online or when I’m in the same book club. I was a total geek when I won an autographed copy of JJ Murray’s latest book. When a favorite author of mine said that I was a favorite author of hers I went totally ballistic. Yes, I try to keep it in my head that people might just get that geeked over me.


Yes I do! And they can be located on under my favorite author’s section. One of those authors is little ol’ me. I don’t think it will be hard to determine which one but shhhhh…I’m not saying. And no, It’s not CreepyRJ; I edit for him at times and sine of his stories pretty much have the same feel as mine.


Talking in a crowd! I am that type of shy that would make you want to karate chop me across the windpipe. Yep, its sickening. I will be a part of a panel discussion of IR writers on a cruise in September and I’m both looking forward to it and nervous as hell. But I’ve been doing a lot of interviews and they’ve all gone smoothly…I guess I’ll be alright.


Because I’m proud of my stories. There is nothing shameful about sex. Most of us do it, and enjoy it and most of us enjoy reading about it. But again, it’s not all I write. Erotica was something that I thought would be the hardest thing for me to write so I set about doing just that; writing story after story of all different types of sexually explicit situations; from the mild to the raunchy. When I was done I had four or five notebooks filled with stories—many of them you have read, though there are a few more that I haven’t gotten around to transcribing.

Initially I held back but then I had to be very honest with myself—there can be no fear in writing, no shame. The only thing that is a must is that you must feel it. You feel it down to your soul. If you are uncomfortable with the subject matter than it can’t take root in your soul.


A short story and horror. It’s almost funny. I love horror—its my first love but its difficult for me to scare people. Oh I can creep you out, but down right scare you…not so easy. But I will say that I’ve had a few good attempts. I have one story about a demon that comes to visit a little boy every year on his birthday. Another about a strange force called the Shadow People that haunt a woman gifted with the ability to see into the future.

Well, this is turning out to be pretty long so that will be it for now. Thanks for reading!

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